Vilfredo Suit


Size (Jacket) Chest Length Shoulder Width
XXS 94cm/37.0" 68cm/26.8" 45cm/17.7"
XS 97cm/38.2" 70cm/27.3" 46cm/18.1"
S 100cm/39.4" 72cm/28.3" 47cm/18.5"
M 104cm/41.0" 74cm/29.0" 48cm/18.9"
L 108cm/42.5" 76cm/29.9" 49cm/19.3"
XL 112cm/44.1" 78cm/30.7" 50cm/19.6"
XXL 116cm/45.7" 80cm/31.5" 51cm/20.0"
XXXL 120cm/47.2" 82cm/32.3" 52cm/20.5"
4XL 125cm/49.2" 82cm/32.3" 53cm/20.8"
5XL 128cm/50.4" 82cm/32.3" 54cm/21.2"
6XL 131cm/51.6" 82cm/32.3" 55cm/21.6"


Size (Pants) Length Hip Waist
XXS 100cm/39.4" 94cm/37.0" 74cm/29.0"
XS 102cm/40.1" 96cm/37.8" 76cm/29.9"
S 104cm/41.0" 99cm/39.0" 79cm/31.1"
M 106cm/41.7" 103cm/40.6" 82cm/32.3"
L 108cm/42.5" 107cm/42.1" 85cm/33.4"
XL 112cm/44.1" 112cm/44.1" 89cm/35.0"
XXL 114cm/44.9" 116cm/45.7" 93cm/36.6"
XXXL 116cm/45.7" 120cm/47.2" 97cm/38.2"
4XL 118cm/46.5" 124cm/48.8" 101cm/39.7"
5XL 118cm/46.5" 128cm/50.4" 105cm/41.3"
6XL 118cm/46.5" 132cm/52.0" 109cm/42.9"

Slim-fit formal 2-piece suit, consisting of jacket and pants. Made of plain brown wool fabric.

The jacket has peaked lapel collar and double-breasted button closure. Has two horizontal side pockets with pocket flaps, one horizontal chest pocket with no closure and one inside pocket. Has split sides, cuffs are decorated with small buttons. 

Pants have zipper fly and hook-and-button closure on waist. Has two oblique side pockets with no closure and two horizontal rear pockets with button closure. 

Material: Cotton, Wool

Please note that only the jacket and pants are for sale from the picture. The other products displayed are only decorations.

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