Triano Suits


Size (Jacket) Chest Shoulder Length
M 90cm/35.4" 42cm/16.5" 67cm/26.4"
L 94cm/37.0" 43cm/16.8" 69cm/27.0"
XL 98cm/38.6" 44cm/17.3" 71cm/28.0"
XXL 102cm/40.1" 45cm/17.7" 73cm/28.7"
XXXL 106cm/41.7" 46cm/18.1" 75cm/29.2"


Size (Vest) Length Waist
M 60cm/23.6" 92cm/36.2"
L 61cm/24.0" 96cm/37.8"
XL 62cm/24.4" 100cm/39.4"
XXL 63cm/24.8" 104cm/41.0"
XXXL 64cm/25.2" 108cm/42.5"


Size (Pants) Waist Length
M 76cm/29.9" 106cm/41.7"
L 80cm/31.5" 107cm/42.1"
XL 84cm/33.0" 108cm/42.5"
XXL 88cm/34.6" 110cm/43.3"
XXXL 92cm/36.2" 112cm/44.1"

This three piece suit with two button jacket, waistcoat and matching trousers is perfect for business wear. The jacket and waistcoat share matching buttons and are designed to offer a tailored fit.