Rodiano Jacket


Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M 46cm/18.1" 106cm/41.7" 77cm/30.3" 64cm/25.2"
L 47cm/18.5" 110cm/43.3" 78cm/30.7" 65cm/25.6"
XL 48cm/18.9" 114cm/44.9" 79cm/31.1" 66cm/26.0"
XXL 49cm/19.3" 118cm/46.5" 80cm/31.5" 67cm/26.4"
3XL 50cm/19.6" 122cm/48.0" 81cm/31.8" 68cm/26.8"
4XL 51cm/20.0" 126cm/49.6" 82cm/32.3" 69cm/27.0"


This classic piece is a must have in every mans closet. It's horizontal quilted construction keeps it warm and cozy in the chilly autumn mornings. Combine it with a scarf for a sophisticated look.

Material: Nylon, Polyester, Cotton

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