Metello Jackets


Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
S 42cm/16.5" 98cm/38.6" 63cm/24.8" 62cm/24.4"
M 44cm/17.3" 102cm/40.1" 65cm/25.6" 63cm/24.8"
L 46cm/18.1" 106cm/41.7" 67cm/26.4" 64cm/25.2"
XL 47cm/18.5" 110cm/43.3" 69cm/27.0" 65cm/25.6"
XXL 49cm/19.3" 114cm/44.9" 71cm/28.0" 66cm/26.0"
3XL 50cm/19.6" 118cm/46.5" 73cm/28.7" 67cm/26.4"
4XL 55cm/21.6" 130cm/51.2" 75cm/29.2" 69cm/27.0"
5XL 56cm/22.0" 135cm/53.1" 77cm/30.3" 70cm/27.3"
6XL 58cm/22.8" 140cm/55.1" 79cm/31.1" 71cm/28.0"
7XL 59cm/23.2" 145cm/57.1" 81cm/31.8" 72cm/28.3"

The Metello jacket has an oversized hood to shield you against the raging rain or snow. Designed with practicality in mind, its polyester fabric is perfect for damp weathers. Gartered cuffs also allow it to fit perfectly and keep your arms from the freezing temperature.

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