Cesare Suit


Size (Jacket) Chest Length Shoulder Width
XS 96cm/37.8" 69cm/27.0" 44cm/17.3"
S 100cm/39.4" 71cm/28.0" 45cm/17.7"
M 104cm/41.0" 73cm/28.7" 46cm/18.1"
L 108cm/42.5" 75cm/29.2" 47cm/18.5"
XL 112cm/44.1" 77cm/30.3" 48cm/18.9"
XXL 116cm/45.7" 78cm/30.7" 50cm/19.6"
XXXL 120cm/47.2" 79cm/31.1" 51cm/20.0"
4XL 124cm/48.8" 80cm/31.5" 52cm/20.5"
5XL 128cm/50.4" 81cm/31.8" 53.5cm/21.0"
6XL 132cm/52.0" 82cm/32.3" 54.5cm/21.4"
Size (Pants) Length Hip Waist
XS 96cm/37.8" 95cm/37.4" 77cm/30.3"
S 100cm/39.4" 100cm/39.4" 81cm/31.8"
M 104cm/41.0" 105cm/41.3" 86cm/33.8"
L 108cm/42.5" 110cm/43.3" 91cm/35.8"
XL 112cm/44.1" 115cm/45.3" 96cm/37.8"
XXL 116cm/45.7" 120cm/47.2" 101cm/39.7"
XXXL 118cm/46.5" 125cm/49.2" 106cm/41.7"
4XL 120cm/47.2" 130cm/51.2" 111cm/43.7"
5XL 122cm/48.0" 135cm/53.1" 116cm/45.7"
6XL 124cm/48.8" 140cm/55.1 121cm/47.6"

Slim-fit formal 2-piece suit, consisting of jacket and pants. Made of elegant, shiny plain-colored wool fabric with black collar hem and pocket hems on the jacket.

The jacket has lapel collar and single-breasted button closure. Has two horizontal side pockets with pocket flaps and one inside pocket. Has split back, cuffs are decorated with small buttons. 

Pants have zipper fly and hook-and-button closure on waist. Has two oblique side pockets with no closure and two horizontal rear pockets with button closure. 

Material: Cotton, Wool



Please note that only the jacket and pants is for sale from the picture. The other products displayed are only decorations.

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